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Iceland Private Jeep Photo Tour - Vestmannaeyjar


Embark on a private photography tour to Vestmannæyjar in Iceland, where you'll capture stunning images of the volcanic islands, wildlife, and dramatic coastline. Our professional photographer guide will take you to the best locations in a fully equipped Jeep, providing tips and tricks to improve your photography skills.


After a scenic drive from Reykjavik to the port of Landeyjarhöfn, we'll take a ferry to the islands, providing unique photo opportunities of the coastline and wildlife. Vestmannaeyjar, also known as Westman Islands, is a group of 15 volcanic islands and islets located off the south coast of Iceland. In 1973, the island of Heimaey experienced a volcanic eruption that lasted for five months, resulting in the creation of a new mountain, Eldfell, and the evacuation of the entire island's population. The eruption was eventually controlled by pumping seawater onto the lava flows to cool them.


The islands are also known for their diverse birdlife, including several species of seabirds such as puffins, guillemots, and kittiwakes. The islands are an important breeding ground for these birds, and visitors can see them up close on bird watching tours or from cliffs overlooking the ocean. In addition to birdlife, the islands have a unique landscape characterized by rugged coastlines, lava fields, and volcanic craters.


Bring comfortable clothing, sturdy hiking boots, a camera, and any photography equipment you have. Don't miss this opportunity to capture the unique beauty of the Vestmannæyjar islands in a private and unforgettable way.

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