I am a French photographer born in south of Spain September 1991. After studying sales and communication with real estate as a major. I've decided to go into graphic design and visual communication. I applied for the entry exam for the Toulouse school of fine arts, and I have been refused. Considering the facts it was time for me to discover something else, I took the decision to go to New Zealand for a year in order to learn English while learning to discover myself. It was during this journey that the passion for photography ignited in me. On my return to France, I continued the exploration of photography while working as a receptionist for a five-star hotel, then I moved to Montreal where I decided to apply for a college program in commercial photography, 15 months later I got my diploma and won the prize for the best portfolio. That same year I had participated in a contest organized by the magazine PHOTO and won a publication of one of my landscape photos. In October 26th 2017 I won the SONY price "emerging photographer of the year 2016/2017“ with a fashion project realized in September 2017 in Iceland. In 2018 I had participated to the same contest organized by the magazine PHOTO and won a double page for a fashion project also done in Iceland, in that same year I became broncolor Gen Next Ambassador. 

Farmers Market - Volcano Eruption Icelan


Set designer and interior designer, my first degree is a bachelor in economics and social science, but I always wanted to become interior designer. To realize my passion, I applied for a license in Art. Thanks to those three years of license in Art where I learned: painting, drawing, graphic design, photography, video, installations, performance, art history, philosophy of art and the analysis of the arts. In June 2015, I left to complete my studies in Montreal, Canada, where I obtained a Master degree in Design and Complexity. My thesis focuses on: "From the object to the experience in the development of luxury hotel lobby. The case of the Ritz-Carlton Montreal, Canada "Today I am more dedicated to set design, interior design and 3D.

Volcano Eruption Iceland 2021