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I am a French photographer born in the south of Spain in September 1991. After studying sales and communication with a focus on real estate, I decided to pursue a career in graphic design and visual communication. However, my application to the Toulouse school of fine arts was rejected. This led me to embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, during which I traveled to New Zealand to learn English and develop a passion for photography. Upon my return to France, I continued to explore photography while working as a receptionist at a five-star hotel. I then moved to Montreal to attend a college program in commercial photography, where I earned my diploma and won the best portfolio award. In October 26th, 2017, I won the SONY "Emerging Photographer of the Year 2016/2017" award for a fashion project in Iceland. In 2018, I won a double-page publication in the magazine PHOTO for another fashion project in Iceland and became a broncolor Gen Next ambassador. Over the years, I have worked on various projects in Iceland, including an editorial for VOGUE ARABIA. In 2020, I started leading private photography workshops and sightseeing tours to share my love of nature and photography with others. Top 101 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2023 



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