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Explore the rugged beauty of Iceland's highlands on a private photography tour in a rugged Jeep. Led by a professional photographer, you'll journey to the hidden gem of Kerlingarfjöll, a mountain range located in the highlands of Iceland, known for its unique geothermal activity, colorful mountains, and hiking opportunities. The name Kerlingarfjöll translates to "Old woman's mountains" in English.


The area is located in the northern part of the Vatnajökull National Park. The Kerlingarfjöll mountain range is characterized by its unique geothermal activity, which includes hot springs, fumaroles, and mud pools. The hot springs are a popular spot for visitors to relax and bathe, while the fumaroles and mud pools offer a glimpse into the volcanic activity beneath the earth's surface. The area is also home to a number of geysers, including the famous Geysir, which is one of the first known geysers and gave the English word geyser.


The Kerlingarfjöll mountains are also known for their colorful rhyolite mountains, which are formed by the cooling and solidification of volcanic ash and magma. These mountains have a variety of colors, including shades of pink, yellow, green, and purple, creating a unique and striking landscape. The area is a popular hiking destination, with a variety of trails that lead to nearby peaks, glaciers, and other natural wonders. Some popular trails include the Kerlingarfjöll loop, which takes hikers through the colorful mountains and geothermal areas, and the Hvítárgljúfur trail, which leads to a beautiful canyon. The hikes vary in difficulty, some can be challenging and strenuous, others.


With the freedom and flexibility of a private tour, you'll have the opportunity to capture the hot springs, geysers, volcanic peaks and the surrounding glaciers, as well as the vastness of the Icelandic wilderness.


This tour is perfect for photographers of all skill levels looking to capture the raw, natural beauty of Iceland's highlands and learn new photography skills. It is a good idea to bring a good quality camera, a drone (if you have one), a tripod, warm clothing and waterproof gear, as the weather in the highlands can be unpredictable.


Also, it's essential to bring enough memory cards and extra batteries to ensure you have enough storage and power to capture the perfect shot. Also, hiking boots or comfortable shoes for walking on rocky terrain. And a proper water bottle, as the highlands can be quite dry and it's important to stay hydrated.

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