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Laki Private Jeep Tour Iceland


Experience the raw and dramatic landscapes of Iceland's highlands on a private photography tour in a rugged Jeep. Led by a professional photographer, you'll journey to the Laki, a volcanic fissure located in the southern highlands of Iceland, known for its unique geological formations and spectacular views. It is also known as Lakagigar, which means "craters of Laki" in Icelandic. The fissure consists of a row of craters that formed during a massive eruption in 1783-1784, which caused widespread destruction and famine in Iceland.


The eruption also had a significant impact on climate and air quality in Europe and beyond. Today, Laki is a popular destination for hikers and photographers who want to experience the raw and dramatic landscapes of Iceland's highlands. The area around the Laki offers many hiking opportunities and the visitors can see the volcanic ash, lava fields and the unique flora that grows in the area. With the freedom and flexibility of a private tour, you'll have the opportunity to capture the natural beauty of the area including the volcanic peaks, the surrounding glaciers and the vastness of the Icelandic wilderness.


This tour is perfect for photographers of all skill levels looking to capture the raw, natural beauty of Iceland's highlands and learn new photography skills. It is a good idea to bring a good quality camera, a tripod, warm clothing and waterproof gear, as the weather in the highlands can be unpredictable. Also, it's essential to bring enough memory cards and extra batteries to ensure you have enough storage and power to capture the perfect shot. Also, hiking boots or comfortable shoes for walking on rocky terrain. And a proper water bottle, as the highlands can be quite dry and it's important to stay hydrated.

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